Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management, with specialisations

HIM offers an affordable international experience that gives you both an American and a Swiss hospitality degree, with a strong business focus.

This programme is characterised by its direct contact with the business world. Students work with the school’s partners to develop their specialised skills.

Let your studies at HIM be the start of an international career. Choose beautiful Montreux in Switzerland for your business and hospitality management studies!


  • Luxury Brand Management
  • Financial Analysis & Wealth Management

The programme includes a total of three paid internships of six months each. This gives students the opportunity to put the theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom into practice in the real world, building networks and future careers in hospitality management.

This is an academic programme that combines Swiss hospitality management and service expertise with an American sense of leadership, organisation, administration and business.

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Get an American and a Swiss hospitality management bachelor’s degree!

  1. Develop an understanding of the human and operational sides of the industry.
  2. Tailor your hospitality management degree by adding a range of specialisations approved and co-created with the industry.
  3. Acquire the hotel industry’s customer-centric approach to the business world, building mental agility to adapt your new skills in hospitality or other industries.
  4. Embark on three industry internships that will give you strong competitive advantages in your future career.
  5. Graduate with a:
    1. Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management from the Hotel Institute Montreux (with specialisation)*.
    2. Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management from Northwood University

*The Hotel Institute Montreux awards its own separate degree confirming the successful completion of Northwood University’s BBA programme at its campus in Switzerland, and this degree is a formal recognition by the Hotel Institute Montreux of the tertiary standards achieved by BBA graduates.

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Get an American and a Swiss hospitality management degree!


Each year consists of approximately 6 months of study on campus in Switzerland, followed by an internship period of approximately 6 months which can be done either in Switzerland or globally.

  1. Year 1 – introduction to hospitality management, Montreux
    1. Learn what it means to be customer-centric as you develop an understanding of the human and operational sides of the industry.
  2. Year 2 – leadership principles + specialisation, Montreux
    1. Increase your influence as a leader by developing your emotional intelligence and acquiring key leadership skills. Choose a specialisation to immerse yourself in your sector of interest.
  3. Year 3, International Business, Leysin
    1. Learn how to run an international business and what social responsibility looks like in a multicultural environment.
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International internship

The programme includes a total of one and a half years of international internship. This internship often takes place in 5-star hotels/resorts, luxury brand companies, banks or other international companies. With the help of the school’s fantastic international network, you will have the opportunity to do an internship anywhere in the world.


The school has a careers department with dedicated staff, and as a student you will have regular individual meetings for help with internships and career planning. The school also organises recruitment fairs with the industry and has its own digital job platform where our partners regularly post unique opportunities for our students.

The combination of an internationally recognised education and high-level internships means that HIM students have unique skills and are very attractive in the global labour market.

Professional partners

Studying hospitality management and business administration at HIM provides good contact with the industry and its stakeholders. The programmes and their specialisations are delivered with some of the world’s leading companies in their respective categories. Our partners have an active role in designing our programmes and representatives from these companies come to the school to give students hands-on experience in their specialisation. Our partners at HIM – Hotel Institute Montreux are:

Tuition and fees

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